EZ's Woodshed is closed: SAY IT ISN'T SO!
Last Day: June 30, 2008.

Big Apple Jazz Boutique
and EZ’s Woodshed Cafe...
New York's Jazz Day Club
and Harlem Jazz Shrine
......a jazz hang in Harlem, New York, USA

The late Louis Jones.  RIP LOUIE

Big Apple Jazz  Home


Located between W131st and W132nd Streets at
2236 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (aka 7th Ave)  MAP

(B, C / 2, 3 Trains to 135th or the M2 bus stops right in front)
All ages welcome



 Mission Statement
We exist to promote this neighborhood as the epicenter of the jazz explosion that shook the world in the 1920's and continues to shape the world's musical and cultural landscape to this day.
      Come by and take it EZ .
 ~Gordon Polatnick, your host

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The club is closed but we are still bringing the jazz.

Every night of the week we go on jazz adventures through Harlem's hidden neighborhood jazz haunts on down to the Village basements...always seeking out the kind of music that makes you feel alive, pulsing with rhythm and ready for anything.










Featuring Easton Davy


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Info: Harlem Jazz Tour here.

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every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

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Live Jazz
EZ's Woodshed Daily Schedule
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Harlem Gallery
Our gallery of Fine Art
Easton Davy, Kaz Ooka, Jeremiah Drake, Chris Wallace, Ramsess, Daren Chambers, Gina Nelson,

The Big Apple Jazz / EZ's Woodshed Scene
More Videos from EZ's Woodshed

Short documentary on EZ's Woodshed
by Laura Palotie

Chubby Checker visits Gordon Polatnick at EZ's Woodshed 3/2008


Ravi Coltrane and Todd Herbert at EZ's WoodshedAri Roland Bass, Sacha Perry Piano at EZ's WoodshedRavi Coltrane, Lewis Porter, Ryan Berg, Rudy Royston at EZ's WoodshedCongressman Charlie Rangel, Gordon Polatnick, and Assemblyman Keith Wright

Robert Ball III, Cody Anderson, Ravi Coltrane at EZ's Woodshed Sept. 30, 2007
Ravi Coltrane with EZ's Cody Anderson and Robert Ball III

Rudel Drears below the Duke Ellington Portrait by Sid Catlett's nephew, Sid Brown, on sale at EZ's Woodshed.Jenn Jade graced the stage at EZ's Woodshed for our grand opening.  Photo by Gary BaratDr. Shabaha appears at EZ's monthly with Pun Jab and CompanyAl Drears, drums and Brian Smith, bass up in EZ's Woodshed at Big Apple JazzRonald Horton on Congas, Sal on Guitar Up in EZ's WoodshedAnderson Twins Jam Session at EZ's Woodshed every Sunday at 2PMSee Don Slatoff's Jazz Circus weekly at EZ's Woodshed

Everyday we get visitors from around the world of jazz into EZ's Woodshed. 
Here is a short list of some of our recent guestbook entries:

Representative Charles B. Rangel,  Ravi Coltrane, Wycliffe Gordon, Quincy Troupe, Chubby Checker, Joe Chambers, Marc Carey, Reggie Workman, Norman Simmons, LaChanze, Jimmy Cobb, Louis Jones, Jimmy Preacher Robin, Lamon Fenner, Craig Harris, Norman Hedman, Billy Kaye, Dave Frank, Fay Ray, Mickey Bass, Pee Wee Ellis, Louis Moholo-Moholo, Antoinette Montague, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Bertha Hope, Albert Maysles, Bob Cunningham, Sheila Anderson, Hakim Jami, G. Keith Alexander, Lewis Porter, Cindy Blackman, Bobbi Humphrey, Rosemarie McCoy, Bobby Porcelli, Bill Saxton, Eric Reed, Percy Jones, Sasha Perry, Toru Dodo, Phoenix Rivera, Manny Duran, Jean DuShon, Thomas Bramerie, Mansur Scott, Dennis Davis, Zaid Nasser, Dion Parson, Eli Fontaine, Nicki Parrott, Jean-Michel Pilc, Keith David,  Alonzo Gardner, Anat Cohen, Peter Brainin, Eve Cornelious, Al Drears, Marjorie Eliot, Martin Luther, David Bixler, Sherman Irby,  Alvin "Wink" Flythe, Gene Ess, Rahn Burton, Rome Neal, Eri Yamamoto...  Special thanks to Melody Breyer-Grell who provided our piano; Martin Cohen for our congas; Bruce Cox, Karin Dagneau and Kevin McNeal for our drums; Mike Williams for our organ; Easton Davy and Patricia Lie who provided our logos; Sid Brown who painted the Duke Ellington portrait; Jeremiah Drake, Leeolive Tucker, Will-I-am Tucker,  Reverend Cecil Longmore, and our loyal staff: Robert Ball III, Cody Anderson, Aarian Pope, Chiquita Montgomery, Carl McCarden and Mark Lomanno for their many blessings.

L-R  Mark Lomanno, Eric Reed, Teddy at Big Apple Jazz.Carl McCarden and Dr. Lonnie Smith at EZ's WoodshedBertha Hope, Habiba Matthew, Gordon Polatnick, and LaChanzeCongressman Charlie Rangel, Gordon Polatnick, and Assemblyman Keith WrightLive jazz daily at EZ's Woodshed in Harlem starting at 2PMrobert ball, cody anderson, ravi coltrane at EZ's Woodshed

EZ's Woodshed - Free Music Calendar
(WINTER SCHEDULE: Closed Mondays)

- 2PM-5PM  -  5:30PM-8PM
EZ's Evenings Happen: 8:30PM - 11PM on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Jam Session Sundays at 5:30 - 8PM

Your kids can learn to play and appreciate jazz piano...call Cathy at 917 340-1020
Lester Jenkins at EZ's WoodshedCharles Lovell on piano every week on Friday afternoons at EZ's WoodshedRonnie sits in on Fridays with Kevin McNeal and here with Sal Caruso at the Sunday JamEri Yamamoto Jam Session every Sunday from 2 pm- 5 pm at EZ's Woodshed
EZ's Woodshed at Big Apple Jazz - 2236 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd, Harlem, NYEri Yamamoto and Big Apple Jazz's Mark Lomanno jam with 4 handsAlicia MorriseyLyrical Fusion with Chiquita Mongomery up at EZ's Woodshed

Congressman Charlie Rangel, Gordon, and Assemblyman Keith WrightL-R  Mark Lomanno, Eric Reed, Teddy at Big Apple Jazz Center.  See Eric Reed and friends here on March 10th.Gene Ess, guitar, hosts Saturday's sessions at EZ's Woodshed
EZ's Woodshed hand carved sign by Chris WallaceBertha Hope, Habiba Matthew, Gordon Polatnick, and LaChanze
Ronnie on congas and Sal on guitar at the Sunday jam.Brian Smith on bass at EZ's Woodshed, HarlemAl Drears, drums and Brian Smith, bass up in EZ's Woodshed at Big Apple Jazz
Jenn Jade graced the stage at EZ's Woodshed for our grand opening.  Photo by Gary Barat

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Big Apple Jazz Boutique
featuring live jazz from EZ's Woodshed daily.

Live jazz daily from 2:00 PM - 8:00  PM

Additionally, weekends from 8:30PM - 11:00 PM
($10 - $15 donation)


We feature cd's, dvd's, t-shirts, hats, books, gifts, information, posters and fine art all celebrating New York jazz past and present.  Our cd selection ranges from rare indie releases not found anywhere else, and a huge collection of cd's and lp's of legendary concerts recorded live in New York City clubs like Minton's Playhouse, Small's Paradise, Count Basie's, Village Gate, Sweet Basil's, Birdland, 5 Spot, Half Note, Blue Note, Village Vanguard, Town Hall, Carnegie Hall, Iridium, Jazz Standard, Smoke, Smalls etc.


We have an amazing pastry selection featuring 'Round Midnight Chocolate Cake, Swing Potato Pie, A Tisket a Tasket Tea Biscuits and Pecan Peace Pie.  Our lunch selection includes salads and wraps which you can wash down with a variety of Wild Fruitz and other healthy soft drinks.  Weekend Brunches include some of the best homecooked, healthy soul food for only $10 per plate.  Daily menu.


This historic block was famous during the Jazz Age when 7th Ave and 131st Street was known simply as “The Corner.”  Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Florence Mills and Eubie Blake could be Connie's Innfound entertaining audiences from around the world across the street from us at the Lafayette Theatre, Connie’s Inn and the Hoofers Club. Musicians and actors made special daily pilgrimages to “The Corner,” to rub the legendary “Tree of Hope,” (a vestige of which remains to this day a good luck charm on the stage of the Apollo Theatre).  A contemporary sculpture by Algernon Miller now stands in its place to commemorate the era.  Let us point out the street where Billie Holiday was discovered, once known alternately as Swing Street, Beale Street or even Jungle Alley.  Live Jazz is still heard nightly in hidden jazz haunts which we are happy to help you discover for yourselves.


Big Apple Jazz and EZ’s Woodshed continues the tradition by celebrating New York’s vital jazz scene with cd’s, vintage lps, dvds, concert posters, t-shirts, books, post cards and contemporary fine art representing nearly a century of locally produced jazz.  The space is divided into two distinctive halves: the front space displays the jazz merchandise for sale, including gourmet American coffee and unique uptown pastries, and lunch items; while the back room, known as EZ’s Woodshed is a performance space and gallery featuring an astounding array of local artists.  The beautiful interior woodwork of master craftsmen, Michael T. Stevens and Matthew Erickson is featured throughout, as is the fine wood carvings of Christopher Wallace.  Live jazz performances are scheduled during the afternoon hours at no cost and all ages are welcome.  Big Apple Jazz is open daily from 10:30 AM – 8:30PM.  Evening educational programs and private events are scheduled throughout the year.

Located between 131st and 132nd Streets at
2236 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (aka 7th Ave)

  tel.  (718) 606-8442



Unique gifts

Duke Ellington Coaster: $7.00       Storefront Photo Mug: $14.99

Light switch cover: $12.99          Big Apple Jazz Baby Doll T: $24.00

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