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Grover Mitchell, 1930-2003, Trombonist was latter-day leader of Basie Orchestra

Aaron Bell, 1922-2003, Ellington bassist, pianist, educator

Celia Cruz, 1924-2003, Singer known as the Queen of Salsa
          with 1 reader tribute, posted July 26, 2003

Benny Carter, 1907-2003, Revered elder statesman of jazz
          with 3 reader tributes, latest July 18, 2003

Earl Smith, 1932-2003, Drummed with Dolphy and Sun Ra

Herbie Mann, 1930-2003, Crossover star established flute as serious jazz instrument
          with 4 reader tributes, latest July 18, 2003

Peanuts Hucko, 1918-2003, Swing clarinet star
          with 4 reader tributes, latest July 18, 2003

Volker Kriegel, 1943-2003, Jazz-rock guitarist was also illustrator

Jimmy Knepper, 1927-2003, Gifted trombonist and arranger
          with 2 reader tributes, latest July 18, 2003

Harold Ashby, 1925-2003, Great Ellington tenor man

Edwin Swanston, 1922-2003, Pianist, composer and vocal coach

Freddy Guerra, 1923-2003, Big Band leader began with Miller

Bross Townsend, 1933-2003, Pianist worked with major names

Noel Redding, 1945-2003, Bassist with Hendrix began in jazz

Ted Joans, 1928-2003, Poet was instigator of 'Bird Lives' graffiti

Noble Jolley, 1955-2003, Guitarist and teacher in DC area
          with 1 reader tribute, posted June 12, 2003

Doc Pittman, 1917-2003, Popular all-rounder with zany humour
          with 1 reader tribute, posted June 3, 2003

Nina Simone, 1933-2003, An Appreciation
          with 2 reader tributes, latest May 14, 2003

Teddy Edwards, 1924-2003, Major player on the West Coast scene
          with 4 reader tributes, latest May 9, 2003

Walter Fuller, 1910-2003, Trumpeter scored big hit with Ear Hines

Cholly Atkins, 1913-2003, Dancer and choreographer

Earl King, 1934-2003, New Orleans bluesman with flamboyant style

Allen Eager, 1927-2003, Lester-influenced tenorman of the bebop era

Al Plank, 1932-2003, Respected pianist on California scene
          with 2 reader tributes, latest June 30, 2003

Jutta Hipp, 1925-2003, Pianist made brief impact on 50s bop scene
          with 1 reader tribute, posted April 9, 2003

Babatunde Olatunji, 1927-2003, Ambassador for African music

Rob Madna, 1931-2003, Well-established pianist on Dutch jazz scene
          with 1 reader tribute, posted April 23, 2003

David Azarian, 1952-2003, Pianist and teacher killed in roadside accident
          with 1 reader tribute, posted July 1, 2003

Placide Adams, 1929-2003, Bassist was stalwart of New Orleans scene

Juan Josť Calatayud, 1939-2003, Pianist was a major figure in jazz in Mexico

Nathen Page, 1937-2003, Guitarist worked with major names
          with 1 reader tribute, posted April 9, 2003

Linton Garner, 1915-2003, Pianist was brother of Errol Garner

Ameen Muhammad, 1955-2003, Trumpeter and educator with AACM connections

Michel Graillier, 1946-2003, French pianist worked with Chet

Jack Maher, 1924-2003, Former publisher of Downbeat
          with 2 reader tributes, latest February 22, 2003

February 12, 2003 - Zoe Anglesey, 1941-2003: Memories of Zoe, by Enid Farber
    Reading her own poetry at benefit on 10/6/02, Bob Holman's Poetry Bar, by Enid Farber
    JJA colleague Zoe Anglesey, by Enid Farber
    Zoe Anglesey thanking the musicians and poets who participated in her benefit, by Enid Farber
          with 2 reader tributes, latest February 21, 2003

February 11, 2003 - Tommy Gwaltney, 1921-2003: Founder of Blues Alley in DC, by

February 9, 2003 - Ruby Braff, 1927-2003: Cornet master with a distinctive voice, by Kenny Mathieson
          with 1 reader tribute, posted February 12, 2003

February 8, 2003 - Cliff Bastien, 1939-2003: Popular New Orleans-style jazzman, by

February 8, 2003 - Keba Bobo Cissoko, 1900-2003: Griot settled in America, by Sylvian Leroux

February 5, 2003 - Clyde Dickerson, 1923-2003: Saxophonist doubled as doorman, by

February 5, 2003 - Charlie Biddle, 1926-2003: Bassist helped develop Montreal jazz scene, by
          with 2 reader tributes, latest March 2, 2003

February 1, 2003 - Mongo Santamaria, 1917-2003: Cuban percussionist was popular Latin jazz leader, by Kenny Mathieson
          with 1 reader tribute, posted February 24, 2003

January 27, 2003 - Don Suhor, 1932-2003: Veteran New Orleans jazzman, by Charles Suhor

January 24, 2003 - Cy Touff, 1927-2003: Established reputation on rare bass trumpet, by

January 21, 2003 - Paul Haines, 1933-2003: Poet collaborated on jazz projects, by
          with 1 reader tribute, posted February 9, 2003

January 17, 2003 - Louis-Victor Mialy, 1930-2003: Long career in record industry, by Don Lucoff

January 16, 2003 - Ken Gallacher, 1939-2003: Familiar figure on Scottish jazz scene, by Kenny Mathieson
          with 1 reader tribute, posted February 22, 2003

January 11, 2003 - Bill Russo, 1928-2003: Ground-breaking composer and arranger, by
          with 1 reader tribute, posted January 31, 2003

January 8, 2003 - Buddy Montez, 1934-2003: Early Latin jazz leader in California, by

December 24, 2002 - Billy Brooks, 1926-2002: Former Hampton trumpeter dies in Amsterdam, by

December 15, 2002 - Dennis Lee Moorman, 1940-2002: Thoughtful and Musical Pianist and Arranger, by Dan Kassell
          with 1 reader tribute, posted February 18, 2003

December 13, 2002 - Stella Brooks, 1910-2002: Singer once linked with Holiday, by

December 11, 2002 - Allen Tinney, 1921-2002: Pianist was forerunner of bebop, by
          with 3 reader tributes, latest June 8, 2003


Bob Berg, 1951-2002, Saxophonist killed in automobile accident

Arvell Shaw, 1923-2002, Bassist had long association with Louis Armstrong

Mal Waldron, 1925-2002, Expatriate piano great dies in Brussels

Stanley Black, 1913-2002, Popular bandleader began in jazz

Taswell Baird, Jr, 1922-2002, Veteran trombonist murdered

Sir Roland Hanna, 1932-2002, Pianist was jazz aristocrat

Gordon Cruickshank, 1949-2002, A leading figure on Scottish scene

Lonnie Donegan, 1931-2002, First UK Skiffle star dies on tour

Matt Betton, 1913-2002, Former Executive of IAJE

Nancie Banks, 1951-2002, Singer and bandleader

Tom Dowd, 1925-2002, Innovative recording engineer

D. Antoinette Handy-Miller, 1931-2002, Former director of NEA fund

Henri Renaud, 1925-2002, Pianist and Record Producer

Sonny Seals, 1941-2002, Tenor saxophonist

Tommy Loy, 1930-2002, Cornettist

Bill Berry, 1930-2002, Trumpeter and cornetist

Ray Conniff, 1916-2002, Trombonist, Arranger and Bandleader

Chuck Swan, 1935-2002, Jazz Society Executive

Abe Most, 1920-2002, Clarinet        

Danny Vanelli, 1912-2002, Trumpeter and bandleader

Ellis Larkins, 1923-2002, Pianist

Peter Kowald, 1944-2002, Peter Kowald

Dodo Marmarosa, 1925-2002, Troubled pianist made brief but lasting impact on jazz

Paul Williams, 1915-2002, Paul 'Hucklebuck' Williams


Frank Hewitt, 1935-2002
Lionel Hampton, 1908-2002
John S. Wilson, 1913-2002
William Warfield, 1920-2002

Jackie Raven, 1951-2002, Jackie Raven, dancer and poet
Larry Rivers, 1923-2002, Larry Rivers, saxophonist and controversial visual artist
Vernon Welsh, 1919-2002, Vernon Welsh, co-founded Left Bank Jazz Society
Ronnie Stephenson, 1937-2002, Ronnie Stephenson, major UK jazz drummer
Wilber Morris, 1937-2002, Wilber Morris, bassist and bandleader
Ron McCroby, 1934-2002, Ron McCroby, jazz whistler
Mary Jefferson, 1927-2002, Mary Jefferson, singer
Daphne Hellman, 1916-2002, Daphne Hellman, harpist
Jerry Underwood, 1956-2002, Jerry Underwood, gifted saxophonist on UK scene
Kenny Gardner, 1913-2002, Kenny Gardner, singer
Roy Kral, 1921-2002, Roy Kral, singer and half of famous duo
Idrees Sulieman, 1923-2002, Idrees Sulieman, pioneering bebop trumpeter
Marion Montgomery, 1934-2002, Jazz singer with broad appeal
Jimmy Maxwell, 1917-2002, Jimmy Maxwell, lead trumpet with top bands
Alan Lomax, 1915-2002, Famous Collector of Music In The Field
Seymour Solomon, 1922-2002, Seymour Solomon, founder of Vanguard Records
Jerry Fuller, 1939-2002, Canadian drummer played with Ellington, Peterson
Alan Shulman, 1915-2002, Alan Shulman, cellist
Ward Kimball, 1914-2002, Ward Kimbell, trombonist and founder of Firehouse Five
Jimmie Lee Robinson, 1931-2002, Jimmie Lee Robinson, blues singer
Duke Dejan, 1909-2002, Duke Dejan, founder of the Olympia Brass Band
Ray Brown, 1926-2002, A Giant of the Jazz Bass
Richard Allen, 1932-2002, Richard Allen, drummer
Rosemary Clooney, 1928-2002, Highly Regarded Pop-Jazz Singer
Edmund Anderson, 1913-2002, Edmund Anderson, producer and influence on Ellington
Timothy White, 1952-2002, Uncompromising Editor of Billboard
Russ Freeman, 1926-2002, Important West Coast Pianist
Nellie Monk, 1921-2002, Nellie Monk, devoted supporter of Thelonious
Joe Derise, 1926-2002, Joe Derise, singer
Matt Dennis, 1914-2002, Composer of Angel Eyes
Charles Parham, 1911-2002

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Count Basie, 79, Band Leader and Master of Swing, Dies (April 26, 1984)

Thelonious Monk, Jazz Pianist and Composer, Dies at 64 (Feb. 17, 1982)

Dizzy Gillespie, 75, Jazz Composer and Trumpet Player, Dies  (Jan. 6, 1993)

Louis Armstrong, Jazz Trumpeter and Singer, 71, Dead (July 6, 1971)

Billie Holliday, 44, Famed Jazz Singer, Dies (July 17, 1959)

Miles Davis, Trumpeter, Dies; Jazz Genius, 65, Defined Cool (September 29, 1991) By Jon Pareles

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