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Loving Tribute to the Harlem Underground Jazz Scene

We wanted to share this video of photos and clips from our time on the Harlem jazz scene.  It covers the underground clubs and magnificent players we’ve been enjoying during our over 20 years in business.

Some close friends: Gary Samuels, Alex Layne, Linda Carr, Samuel Hargress Jr.,  were lost at the start of the pandemic.  We miss them so much and will never forget their hearts and many talents and contributions.

Our tour company was able to introduce folks from around the world to these great people and we’ve heard from many of you and are grateful for your memories and condolences.

The soundtrack was pulled from a live concert of Benny Rubin Jr.’s band at Patrick’s Place during one of our tours.  Benny has a new Grammy nominated record that came out during the pandemic which is available here:

Some of the clubs covered in this video are still closed but will need your love when they reopen to make up for time lost.  When we get to tour indoors again, we’ll be visiting these clubs so stay tuned.  Venues include: Showman’s, The American Legion Post #398, Bill’s Place, Minton’s, Shrine, Silvana, Tsion Cafe, Parlor Entertainment, Cotton Club, Room 623, Ginny’s Supper Club, Patrick’s Place, JazzMobile, 449 LA SCAT, Lenox Saphire and Gin Fizz.

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