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Legends of Jazz Tour

Only in New York City, the World Capital of Jazz!

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Our premier tour, see the living legends for yourself

Nowhere else on Earth can you see the living legends of jazz on any night of the week in world-class night clubs—some steeped in history dating back to the 1930s, while others are newly designed and rich in glamour.

This Big Apple Jazz tour stands out as the essential way to hear outstanding classic jazz music played by the world’s best musicians in an itinerary that selects the most soulful stars in town and at the best jazz clubs in New York City.

Jazz legends in NYC itinerary

We start out the evening at 6:30 p.m. visiting one of NYC’s legendary clubs featuring world-class jazz hand-picked for your enjoyment. Your licensed jazz tour guide sets the scene by informing you of the players and their historical significance.

Next, join your jazz guide for an additional set in a more intimate underground club setting featuring some of the Big Apple’s future jazz legends – the renowned sidemen and women leading their own all-star bands. Big Apple Jazz Tours‘ CEO, Gordon Polatnick, custom selects the most exciting off-the-beaten-path neighborhood clubs and bands that you must see on that particular night.

Like jazz music itself, every time you experience this NYC music tour it’s different.

Because there is so much great music to choose from, the itinerary attempts to capture a variety of styles with an ear toward soulful and lyrical playing and/or singing. In this way, all guests, regardless of their experience listening to jazz, are able to fully enjoy the music.