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Student Tours

Let us show you where it's at!

Quick Details

Our jazz music student itineraries are flexible, we easily adjust them to your timing and budgetary needs. Big Apple Jazz, LLC has been the leader in jazz touring since 1997. Here are some ideas and associated costs for your consideration.

We can find you amazing soul food dinners that cost you $25/per person (including drink, tax, and tip). We can also find you authentic neighborhood clubs in Harlem or the Village that are able to accommodate large groups, and not charge more than $15-$30 per set. Some places even welcome a handful from your group to sit in at various times. We can arrange for a private quartet show in a prohibition era speakeasy for your whole group at $700, or we can do the same in a legendary Sugar Hill home on the corner of Count Basie Place and Paul Robeson Boulevard. Meet the musicians behind the music and learn from their success stories with a student tour with Big Apple Jazz!

Think big, because these are just suggestions, and to our way of thinking fresh ideas will make a bigger impact than a quick set at a downtown club.

Tour Prices & Options