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Group Tours

Nothing is impossible in the world capital of jazz!

Quick Details

Don’t Miss This Intimate NYC Jazz Tour

Want to customize your NYC jazz experience? With a private group tour, we can arrange a visit to an old Harlem speakeasy and get to do a workshop with a local musician for an additional $40 per person; or arrange for some of your talented members to join a jam session (price depends on the day of the week).

We can visit a Harlem brownstone and arrange a private recital for the group to fit their itinerary for $35 per person. There is no limit to what can be accomplished, and we work hard to suit any budget. The important thing is getting exactly what you want out of your Big Apple Jazz experience. Live jazz styles available are limitless here in New York City: Swing, Vocals, Bebop, Latin, Soul Jazz, Acid Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Trad., Modern, Free and from soloists to orchestras – everything is here.

Seven nights a week, anytime from early evening to 12AM., some great live jazz can be found playing somewhere in town. Big Apple Jazz Tours is the only tour company in New York that is capable of getting you where you’re going and getting it done right.

Sample options

  • Weekend jazz brunch: $60 per person
  • Jazz w/ dinner: $110 per person
  • Jazz set (without food or drink): $35 per person
  • Great Day in Harlem Tour: 5-hours of mini-bus sightseeing, and live music in two clubs, plus a delicious soul food dinner: $199 per person.
  • Private tour guide service to historical jazz sites of New York – 4-hours: $150/per hour. Group price: $600. Plus expenses.

Sample Itineraries